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Shaft Ph Consulting provides Finance & Accounting solutions for
small to large organizations


Respond to your immediate need for a high level Finance and Accounting Manager.


Outsource your Finance and Accounting activities, from bookkeeping, payroll up to Financial Reporting and Analysis.


Support for your critical transformation projects (ERP, Shared Services Centre). Process Optimization (including Digital & AI strategy).


When emergencies arise with your key Finance & Accounting staff (long sick leave, peak activity, restructuring or post-M&A integration), Shaft Ph can step in and help you mitigate the disruption to your business.

Our Managers are highly qualified (Directors, C-Level) and used to hit the ground running.


We can mobilize resources within a few days and will ensure a smooth integration of our Interim Managers.


At every stage of the mission, we will organize follow-up meetings with you and ensure quality of service.

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We are aiming for a high quality of service for our clients, from bookkeeping, payroll up to Financial Reporting and Analysis. 

Our capabilities are all based in Singapore and using the latest technologies (cloud-based accounting solutions). This allows us to be one of the only paperless practices in Singapore.

We enable you to focus on your core business activities – no more wasted time dealing with finance & accounting tasks.


Depending on the size of your business and your requirements, we can design an affordable service starting from only 100 SGD/month.


Work while you are on the move. Capture and approve expenses on your mobile devices. Invoice your customer on the go and optimize your cash.


Large and strategic transformation projects (ERP implementation, Shared Services Centre creation, Post-M&A integration) can put a heavy strain on your team while they manage daily operations. We can assist you by bringing our expertise and resources to ensure the success of your projects.   

When busy dealing with daily operations, business leaders usually do not have time to look outside and seize opportunities to improve company processes. We can review your processes and provide a roadmap of the key improvements your organisation can benefit from to maximize productivity and control.


We bring the right expertise to ensure the success of your projects.


We can help you to design a Digital and AI road map for your F&A team.

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