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First things first, your company name

The first thing you need to incorporate a company in Singapore is a name! You can use our incorporation form to check if your name of choice is available. We will reserve the name for you.

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provide information on shareholders

We need to ensure that we know the ultimate beneficiaries of the company, whether it’s a single individual or a corporation. We will then run our KYC and AML background checks to ensure all is good to go for incorporation.

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and done!
your company is incorporated

The sky is the limit! 

Your company can be up an running in a matter of hours. But how much will it cost you? Get in touch to find out.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Firstly you will need to reserve a company name. We can do that for you in minutes and you can check the name availability via our incorporation tool.

Secondly you will need to provide us with with a number of documents to allow us performing KYC checks.

If all good, you will then need to appoint a company Secretary, a Nominee Director (if you are not a Singaporean or a Singapore Permanent Resident) and you will need a local address. Paid up Capital can be as low as 1$.

More info can be found in our article here.

KYC stands for Know Your Clients, whilst AML means Anti Money Laundering.

As a Registered Filing Agent with ACRA we must comply with certain local regulations and procedures, plus be vigilant for potential risks related to money laundering. One of the processes we perform is a complete background check prior to accepting new clients and incorporating a company for them. We check against global databases and the source of the company’s funds.

ACRA is the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. Companies in Singapore are assigned with a UEN (Unique Entity Number) once they are incorporated. The process of incorporation is fully managed on a dedicated digital platform managed by ACRA.

Only Registered Filing Agents like us and locals (Singaporeans or PR) can access the platform to interact with ACRA.

You will provide us with the documents we need to set up your company, sign them all digitally and we will submit them to the relevant authorities.

Yes. Each company must appoint a Company Secretary within 6 months from incorporation.

The Company Secretary takes care of all aspects of compliance reporting, for example up-keeping the company’s registers, submit changes to ACRA as well as all other regulatory filings.

We can act as your nominated company secretary and we manage all your documents in a dedicated online platform.

At least one Director in your company must be a local director. Local director means Singaporean, Singapore PR or EP holder. You can have as many directors as you think fit, as long as they are all above 18 years old and that at least one is local.

You can read more about this in our dedicated article.

All companies in Singapore must have a local address, which is also known as your registered address. This address is then used by the local authorities to issue official printed communication, but it doesn’t have to be the actual location where you carry out your work.

We offer a registered office service. We collect your mail, scan it, send to you and save a digital copy of it for you to access it at all time.

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